We chat with Pro Surfer and Movement coach Luke Stedman about why movement and training is so important for not just our surfing but life in general.

Luke also tell us a little more about Ginastica Natural and what to expect in his workshop at M/M in December.

For someone that’s not familiar with it, could you give a brief rundown of Ginastica natural and the ways it can improve your surfing? Surfing is very much so a multi directional movement and its also done on an unstable surface. Ginastica natural helps to build strength and mobility in the areas which your body needs to have to surf at a high level.

What do most surfers do wrong when surfing? They are no conscious to what bio mechanics they are using to do a particular turn. To be aware and to understand what technical movement needs to be done on a specific part of the wave can change every thing. The slightest movement change and advance your surfing immensely as long as you know what to do and when.

What daily exercises should people practice out of the water to improve them in the water? Come to the seminar and ill show you. LOL

Why does the way you breathe matter? Breathe is probably the single most important part of any exercise or movement along with posture. Its how we breathe and in what manner we breath in that is important. If we breath correctly through a movement or turn we can increase the power and mobility ten fold.

How much does your mindset affect the way you surf? even if you just are a weekend warrior. This is a big question and you could talk for hours on this. Thoughts or feelings. Which one is stronger. I would say feeling. If you listen to any post heat interview you will hear the majority of winners say “ I just felt like the waves were going to come to me” or “ I just feltI was going to win” “Im feeling like very thing is going my way” Feelings are so powerful and feelings come with positive reinforcement or confidence which comes from past success. This is comes from what we choose to think about. Think about it. Ha

What areas of strength are vital in surfing? mental, physical and spiritual. Mentally be conscious to run through technique and get over any conditions that may be an issue, Physically need to have good mobility, agility, cardio and core strength. Spiritually be connected to the ocean. Don’t laugh this will help you get waves.

What can someone do this weekend to improve their surfing by Monday? To surf well in an investment. If you come and incorporate some of the suggestions I share and add some of the strength and mobility movements I guarantee not only will your surfing improve but your day to day life will also.

Join Luke on December 16th at M/M Mona Vale for his awesome workshop on Ginastica Natural, Movement, Mobility, surfing and life skills.

Spots are limited