Lauren Willmot

Mum, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Pilates Instructor.

Why should you try Pilates as a Yoga student?

For a long time now there has been competition between team Pilates and team Yoga and both sides are too set in their ways to try the other but I can tell you from experience that adding Pilates into your weekly practice will not only help strengthen your core, it will improve your Yoga asana, improve posture and give you better body awareness. I was a yoga student prior to having my first baby but after birth I was told to do Pilates to strengthen my core and fix my aches and pains – and that it did! Armed now with abs and glutes that just a few years ago I could only dream of, I want to offer Pilates amazing benefits to the modern movement community. You no longer have to choose between team Pilates or team Yoga – you can enjoy the benefits of both!

Come join me every Wednesday from the 11th October, 7:30-8:15AM.