Nevertheless, he must take action against the Olympic ban for his nation.

Football league, ex-coach Wollitz manages this early. Only a few days after his surprising farewell in Lusatia, he takes over in Magdeburg. In the case of energy, meanwhile, it’s not the only exit.

FC Bayern doesn’t play big football. But a very serious appearance at the touchingly passionate FC Energie in Cottbus is enough to move into the second round of the DFB Cup. And in the end everyone involved should be satisfied.

By Tobias Nordmann Stefan Giannakoulis, Cottbus FC Bayern prevailed 3-1 at the end of the first round of the DFB Cup at Energie Cottbus. In the stadium of friendship, the record champions exude little shine and show their class late. The final point is set by the home team. Relegation to the regional league means a financial fiasco for the football clubs. Income is falling rapidly, but many expenses remain the same.

In addition, it is immensely difficult to escape fourth class again. Dirk Büttner Energie Cottbus has to take the difficult step into the regional league. After a highly dramatic game against the second representation from Mainz, the Lausitzers are determined to be relegated from the third division alongside the two Stuttgart teams. Claus-Dieter Wollitz is called as a savior by his ex-association Energie Cottbus. In Italy, Silvio Berlusconi has eliminated the coach of his club.

Lego sorts Mario Gomez and Lukas Podolski from the DFB team. Eran Zahavi mills in Israel. After the cup is before the cup – and the third division team from Münster is facing the toughest conceivable challenge in their club’s history. The Stuttgart Kickers and Dynamo Dresden also face almost unsolvable tasks. Two years ago, VfL Osnabrück failed in relegation to Dynamo Dresden and had to move into the third division.

Now the Lower Saxony have a good chance of correcting the mishap. In the first leg, VfL wins – if only just barely. He wanted to leave at the end of the season anyway, now Claus-Dieter Wollitz is going to leave his job as coach and manager of the third division soccer club VfL Osnabrück immediately. After an angry speech spread online, the association dismisses the “justice fanatic” “without notice. “I sit at home and wait for a call,” says Bernd Schuster, a soccer teacher without a job. The call has apparently already overtaken him from Wolfsburg, allegedly Schuster is a candidate for the coaching position at VfL.

But: The phone rings with Claus-Dieter Wollitz too. VfL Osnabrück is facing financial collapse. Only a spin-off of the professionals can save the league leaders from bankruptcy.

But there is resistance in the club. Is it all a coincidence? First, Claus-Dieter Wollitz asks second division Energie Cottbus for his release, then third division VfL Osnabrück fires his coach – and one week later presents Wollitz as the new coach.biology essay help The Association of German Football Teachers is now asking itself and Wollitz whether the code of honor has been adhered to.

Rudi Bommer succeeds Claus-Dieter Wollitz as coach of the second division soccer team Energie Cottbus. The 54-year-old is currently training the third division club Wacker Burghausen and should bring the Lausitzer back on the road to success from January. Second division Energie Cottbus needs a new coach.

The previous coach Claus-Dieter Wollitz is giving up his post after the disappointing first half of the season. After 17 games, the ambitious Lausitzer are almost hopelessly behind the promotion places. In terms of sport, things are going well for Claus-Dieter Wollitz and Energie Cottbus, and the coach’s health is on the gums.

The back gives the 46-year-old massive problems – which is why he is even considering saying goodbye to the coaching bench for a while. Eintracht Frankfurt will soon be playing in the second Bundesliga, but still needs a coach, as Christoph Daum is gone after only 55 days after an unsuccessful mission. Now it is said that the Cottbus coach Claus-Dieter Wollitz is a serious candidate “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of World Bank job loss, homelessness – and poverty: The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic can be drastic.

The World Bank therefore paints a bleak picture. She anticipates a significant increase in the number of people living in extreme poverty. Development Minister Müller praised the spread of the coronavirus in many African countries. But the CSU politician warns that the crisis can have dramatic effects. The World Bank has identified a huge funding gap in the fight against the pandemic and its consequences.

Lebanon is in its worst economic crisis since the end of the civil war 30 years ago. Now the country can no longer repay its loans and is heading for national bankruptcy. Critics accuse the country’s elite of having plundered the country with a “pyramid scheme”. Brexit, trade dispute, political tensions in South America and the Middle East: the global economy is facing a number of disruptive factors. It should stay that way in the current year.

The World Bank is already reacting. No financial aid for the second largest economy in the world: The government of US President Donald Trump wants to cut China off from granting cheap loans by the World Bank. In the US, it is believed that Beijing is also using the money for “” malicious purposes. The decision should actually have been made long ago, but the member states of the European Union cannot initially commit themselves.

In the end, the EU countries speak out in favor of the World Bank managing director Kristalina Georgiewa. She is to replace Christine Lagarde as IMF President. Up until now, he was State Secretary in the US Treasury Department, and now David Malpass has been promoted to become the new President of the World Bank. He is trusted by President Donald Trump and has worked for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

In 2007, Venezuela nationalized the country’s oil industry under President Hugo Chávez. US companies have to surrender their shares. Now the oil giant ConocoPhillips has been awarded billions in compensation. A Trump supporter should lead the World Bank according to the will of the US President. China in particular should not like that.

But Beijing cannot prevent the personnel. By Jan Gänger The World Bank is the sister organization of the IMF. And while this is being led by a European, the new strong man at the World Bank is said to come from the USA.

US President Trump apparently already has a candidate. The search for a successor to World Bank chief Jim Yong Kim continues. For the first time in history, the top could now become female: A number of women are in the running for it.

After the surprise announcement of his resignation by World Bank boss Jim Yong Kim, the rumor mill is simmering about who could succeed him. President’s daughter Ivanka Trump is also traded as a candidate. But there is obviously nothing to it. The personality sounds strange: Ivanka Trump could lead the World Bank in the future. According to the “Financial Times”, “the president’s daughter is actually being traded as the successor to incumbent boss Kim.” News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles by on the subject of Wada Because of manipulations in the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Russian sport is threatened with exclusion from the Olympic Games in 2021, 2022 and 2024. Whisteblowers Julia Stepanova and Vitaly Stepanov do not think that one will be in their homeland Change has started. They continue to live in fear in exile. The trial of Russia’s objection to the four-year Olympic ban begins before the International Sports Court. The ban was imposed because Russia is said to have manipulated the doping data requested from the Moscow laboratory from 2012 to 2015 before it was handed over.

Christian Coleman would be the favorite for gold over 100 meters, but he is not allowed to start in the Olympics. Because of several missed doping tests, he is banned as a precaution. Apparently he preferred shopping to waiting for the inspectors.

The 24-year-old does not want to accept the verdict. “” A deeply rooted doping culture “” characterizes weightlifting, this is the result of an intensive study by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Officials can be bribed with state money, inspectors are deceived and the new president has already left. Yuri Ganus is not afraid to attack President Vladimir Putin in Russian doping scandals. Now the head of the anti-doping agency has lost his job.

Officially for financial misconduct. The Wada is concerned. For years Russia has been working on its doping machinations, hardly anything has happened. Therefore, the athletics stars are threatened with a start ban for the 2020 Olympic Games.

The Russian Federation takes refuge in declarations that the athletes are angry. An ARD documentary on the world weightlifting association uncovered the swamp around President Tamas Ajan, now special investigator Richard McLaren has completed his investigation – and unearths even more terrifying conditions. It’s about an autocratic organization that hardly adheres to any law. As a consultant to Konstanze Klosterhalfen, Oliver Mintzlaff is certain: The German hope for a run shows clean world-class performance. The training in the USA offers her simply “” completely different prerequisites “”.

In addition, the German public bothers him. The IOC is sticking to the 2020 Olympics. Doping investigators warn that the games in Tokyo could be a festival for doped athletes.

Because the worldwide restrictions due to the corona virus restrict the control system. That is why the experts are making a clear request. The list of allegations is long: Lamine Diack is said to have overseen one of the biggest scandals in sport as head of the athletics world. But shortly after the start, the trial against the functionary was postponed again. Because there is new knowledge about his “” truly criminal “” system.

Serious allegations against the World Weightlifting Association: President Tamas Ajan is said to have made nationwide doping possible for years. Even the inspectors apparently help the sports fraudsters. An ex-star reports that minors are given banned substances. The head of the Russian anti-doping agency, Yuri Ganus, believes the manipulation of doping data has been proven.

Nevertheless, he must take action against the Olympic ban for his nation. Because Russia thinks there is a completely different evil. The Russian Olympic Committee does not seem to be particularly interested in the four-year ban from the world doping agency Wada; it announces that it wants to participate in Tokyo under the Russian flag.

Months of legal tug-of-war could last until the start of the Olympic Games. Russia does not want to accept the four-year ban for the Olympic Games and World Championships. The national anti-doping agency will lodge an appeal with the International Court of Justice – as requested by President Vladimir Putin. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of arms delivery The Bundeswehr is participating in a mission to deliver arms to Libya to prevent.

To do this, she checks a Turkish ship at the weekend. The foreign ministries are now concerned with the action. The Federal Government likes to refer to its strict rules for exporting German weapons to other countries. Nevertheless, they often end up in countries where there is a civil war or the state is brutalizing its citizens. Children in particular are at risk.

The export ban to Saudi Arabia will apply until the end of the year, but Germany continues to supply weapons to other parties in the military coalition in Yemen. One of the main buyers is, for example, the authoritarian Egypt. Overall, however, the numbers are falling. The decision was a turning point: after almost six decades, the Bundeswehr changed the supplier of its assault rifle.

In the future, the weapon will come from Thuringia. The previous outfitter Heckler Koch makes the decision at an inopportune time. The civil war in Libya has long ceased to be a domestic issue, but has developed into an international proxy war. Despite UN embargoes, the warring parties repeatedly receive weapons from abroad. The Bundeswehr has now stopped a tanker with prohibited cargo.

The arms embargo against Libya only exists on paper. In fact, it is being undermined from different sides. 250 German marines are supposed to check compliance.

A delicate mission, as an incident with Turkey recently showed. Fierce debates and protests against racist police violence have been raging in the USA for months. The heavy armament of US police officers, who are also equipped by German arms manufacturers, is also being discussed.

The left wants to change that. The allegations are: illegal arms trade and violations of the War Weapons Control Act. That’s why 200 investigators search the rooms of suspects from the “” Reichsbürger “” and right-wing extremist scene. It is about arms deliveries from Croatia. An incident in the Mediterranean causes a dispute in the already tense NATO alliance.

France accuses a Turkish warship of aggressive behavior. Apparently, this was intended to divert attention from an arms shipment to Libya. NATO is trying to clear up the matter. German weapons of war may not be used in Syria – this is what the arms export ban against Turkey has been planning since 2019. But that does not prevent both states from carrying out even more extensive military deals than before.

The opposition is sharply critical. France’s defense minister denounces the behavior of Turkish ships in the Mediterranean. They recently approached a French frigate and illuminated it three times with the fire control radar.

In addition, Turkey violates the UN embargo against arms deliveries to Libya. Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey are accused of breaking the arms embargo on Libya. Nevertheless, the federal government approved arms exports for 331 million euros to these states. Left-wing politician Dagdelen considers this to be “” at least contradicting “”.

It has been a week since the participants in the Libya conference assured each other that they really wanted to comply with the arms embargo. But that doesn’t seem to be that far away. In the beginning there were parts for bicycles, sewing machines and radios.

In the mid-1950s, Heckler turned Then cook the arms business – and the number of dark company chapters grows. The group is currently groaning under the high debt burden and is afraid of a Bundeswehr decision.